What’s On Your Wall?: Priscilla Yu, Artist

Welcome to What’s On Your Wall?, an ongoing series exploring the studio walls of the artists who inspire us.

Bold, arresting, and full of color, Priscilla Yu’s work combines geometric shapes and captivating textures to create surreal scenes in imaginary worlds. But Priscilla’s love for color doesn’t stop there – from her personal style to the artwork she hangs in her home, it’s clear that she embodies a very colorful life. Check out Priscilla’s personal art collection in Vancouver:

Name:  Priscilla Yu
Occupation: Artist / Illustrator / Designer / Visual Merchandiser
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Website/Social mediawww.priscillayu.ca | IG: @priscillayuart
Artists who inspire you (both old & new): M.C. Escher, Mary Blair, Iris Apfel, Emilio Pucci, Bjork, Wes Anderson, Michel GondryMark RydenBrecht Evens, Andrea WanTierney Milne, and Riikka Sormunen.

1. Drawing by Amanda Smart
2. Mini Tapestry by Christie Lim
3. Sculpture by Jacek Pryzbyla
4. Paper sculpture by Trevor Van den Eijnden
5. Painting by Ben Knight
6. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ diorama that my boyfriend and artist Sean Karemaker made.
7. Painting by Ali Bruce
8. Drawing by Alison Woodward
9. Pennant by Phaedra Harder and Stephanie Mcdonell
10. Painting by Lydia Fu
11. Print of a drawing that I did in second year university.
12. Resin sculpture by Sean Karemaker
13. Resin sculpture by Sean Karemaker
14. Art by Andrea Hooge
15. Drawing by Mark Illing 


1. Painting by Ali Bruce
2. Art by Andrea Hooge
3. My favorite oversized mohair sweater that I thrifted, loved, and accidentally shrunk in the wash. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time thinking about it. It reminds me to embrace “tiny sweater” moments and hang them on my wall.
4. Drawing by Alison Woodward
5. Drawing by Mark Illing 
6. Painting by Tyler Keeton Robbins
7. Painting by Ali Bruce
8. Illustration by Calef Brown

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