What’s On Your Wall?: Laura Weiszer, Illustrator, Designer, & Decorator

Welcome to What’s On Your Wall?, an ongoing series exploring the studio walls of the artists who inspire us.

From her painterly portraits to her typographical illustrations, Philly-based artist Laura Weiszer works, as she puts it, at the “intersection of reality and fiction.” We’re big fans of Laura’s subtly surrealist style – and if the artwork on her studio walls are any indication, we apparently have lots of favorite artists in common, too:

Name: Laura Weiszer
Occupation: Freelance illustrator, designer, and decorator
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Website/social media: www.lauraweiszer.com | @weiszer on Instagram
Artists who inspire you (both old & new): Other than the artists on my wall… Guy Billout, Beyonce, Annie Atkins, Florence Knoll, Louise FiliChristoph Niemann, Keith Greiman, Nate Williams, Edel Rodriguez, Jean Michel Basquiat, Archibald Motley, friends, teachers, and so, so, so many more.

1. Embroidered piece I purchased from at the night market in Hong Kong
2. Drawings of birds from my students (ages 4 and 5)
3. A really well designed and illustrated menu from my favorite soup curry joint in Japan
4. Two of four pins I illustrated of Wes Anderson characters
5. Photograph by Jessi Melcer
6. Postcard from the Salvador Dali Museum in Florida
7. A page full of trees I sketched while reading Bill Bryson’s Walk in The Woods
8. Illustration by Pieter Van Eenoge
9. Illustration by Josh Cochran
10. Illustration by Andy Rementer
11. Mirror I picked up in Peru
12. A ceramic plate a friend got for me from the Punk Rock Flea Market

1. Painting by Jon Krause
2. Illustration I screen printed during my junior year of college
3. Anonymous drawing created in 1978 at the Tel Aviv Museum’s youth program
4. Little painted block head by my friend Issa Revell
5. Vase made by one of my students
6. Illustrated postcard by Julien Roux
7. “Coasters” I made in a ceramics class

The books displayed under the Mattise (from left to right): World Full of Horses by Dahlov Ipcar, Lots by Marc Matin, a small notebook with a James Jean cover, and Elegantissima by Louise Fili. Plus my cat, Chester.

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