What’s On Your Wall?: Wellington Payne, Shed Labs

Welcome to What’s On Your Wall?, an ongoing series exploring the studio walls of the artists who inspire us.

From design and illustration to 3D modeling, Wellington Payne and his friends at design studio Shed Labs can do it all – and, unsurprisingly, they’re not too shabby at decorating, either. We stumbled on the South Carolina-based studio’s space on Instagram through our #whatsonyourwall hashtag and were amazed to find so many contemporary prints posted up in one space. From Matt Stevens to What’s On Your Wall alumni Two Arms Inc., explore Shed Labs’ studio walls below:

Name: Wellington Payne
Occupation: Co-Founder/Designer of Shed Labs
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Website/social media: www.shedlabs.com | social: @shedlabs
Artists who inspire you (both old & new): Man, that’s a hard one. We are constantly looking at old and new work from folks. This could be long winded but here it goes. Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Stefan Sagmeister, Shepard Fairey, Ken Taylor, Justin Vernon, Oliver Barrett, Swoon, Banksy, Invisible Creature, Draplin, Two Arms Inc; the list goes on, it’s pretty much every designer/illustrator/artist in our community that keeps pushing us to do better work.

What’s on Shed Labs‘ Wall:

1. Matt Stevens, 2. John Knoerl, 3. Billy Baumann, 4. Matt Stevens, 5. Shed Labs, 6. Jake Dugard, 7. Two Arms Inc, 8. the half and half, 9. Halftone Def Studios, 10. John Knoerl, 11. Two Arms Inc, 12. Shed Labs, 13. Magnificent Beard, 14. Shed Labs, 15. John Knoerl, 16. Shed Labs, 17. Halftone Def Studios, 18-22. Shed Labs, 23. Invisible Creature, 24. The Silent Giants, 25. Two Arms Inc, 26-33. Shed Labs, 34. Dan Christofferson, 35. John Knoerl, 36. Ken Taylor, 37. Mark Brickey, 38-39. Shed Labs, 40. Mark Weaver, 41-46. Shed Labs, 47. Halftone Def Studios, 48. Office, 49. Shed Labs, 50-51. John Knoerl, 52. Matt Stevens, 53. Invisible Creature, 54. Shed Labs, 55. Halftone Def Studios, 56. Aaron Draplin – DDC, 57. Halftone Def Studios



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