What’s On Your Wall?: Shawn Huckins

Welcome to What’s On Your Wall?, an ongoing series exploring the studio walls of the artists who inspire us.

Shawn Huckins’ paintings look like something out of the 18th century American wing of the Smithsonian, but with a little twist. In his The American Revolution Revolution and The American __tier series, each intricately-detailed piece is plastered with the 21st century jargon of a disgruntled millennial’s text messages – a juxtaposition between old-world artwork and modern-day expression. We’re big fans of Shawn’s witty, artistic humor in his work – so we can’t wait to share this peek into his studio wall with you:


Name: Shawn Huckins
Occupation: Painter
Location: Denver, CO
Website: www.shawnhuckins.com | IG: @shawn_huckins
Fav Artists: Ed Ruscha, David Hockney, Kevin Peterson, Mary Iverson, Josh Keyes

What’s On Shawn’s Wall:

Photo credit: Crystal Allen
Photo credit: Crystal Allen

1. My daily motivation.
2. A recent commission painting from my series, The American __tier.
3. Studies from pages of an old barn book I found at an antique store. I paint with acrylic over top the structural elements in each photo.
4. A personalized signed postcard from artist, Ed Ruscha, sent to me in 2009 after I sent a fan letter.
5. Paintings within my new series in which I overlay high-density housing structures to contrast the impacts to the environmental landscape.
6. A quick color study in oils. I’ve used acrylic paints my entire professional career, so I wanted to dabble back into oils. This study will be in a group show at Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland, OR opening in November.
7. My hobby, fiddling. I found this fiddle in an antique store and it was in need of some TLC. His name is Windsor and has a lovely sound…one of my favorites out of the six I own.
8. Huge source for inspiration, old 1950s-1980s National Geographic magazines.

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