What’s On Your Wall?: Snask, Creative Agency

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From climbable posters to entire cities made out of paper, Stockholm-based creative agency Snask doesn’t seem to have any limits when it comes to having fun with their work. It’s this wild, out-of-the-box thinking that’s earned this design agency admiration from designers and artists all over the world – including our design team at Classic Specs, who first introduced us to this innovative bunch of (apparently pink-faced) creatives. And luckily for us, we got to take a peek at the artwork they have displayed in their studio space:

The team at Snask.
The team at Snask.

Name: Snask
Occupation: Design, branding, and film agency
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Where to find us: Snask.com | FB: snasksthlm | IG: @snasksthlm | Twitter: @snasksthlm
Artists who inspire you (both old & new): August Strindberg, Emily Dickinson

What’s On Snask’s Wall:

snask_painting_ycn edited

Snask co-founder Frederik Öst on the story behind this office painting:

“So we kind of love ourselves a bit too much. Also we think it’s extremely boring to have a regular team photo taken from a person standing on a chair. So we decided to employ a real oil painter, Ulrika Westerberg, to paint a copy of a classic, busy painting. We chose “Trial of George Jacobs (August 5, 1692)” painted by T. H. Matteson in 1855. It’s about the Salem witch trials. We simply chose it because it looked so chaotic and thought it could be funny. So first Ulrika made a super big copy of the real painting (2.6m wide and 2m high) and then she painted us in. She comes by our studio every time someone gets employed and paints them in. Since it’s in oil, she can paint as many layers as we want.

I am the judge up left. Magnus (Co-Founder) is the judge in front. Magdalena (Art Director) is accusing Erik (Partner & Account Executive) for something and Richard (Art Director) is Erik’s mother, bursting into panic right above Magdalena. Jens (Design Director) has fainted in the bottom and also forgot to change clothes for the painting.

You can find a CCTV camera, a Snask Off Club poster, a rabbit, a Pear computer, a red converse and to the far right, next to the rabbit, there’s a very seductive female looking straight into the “camera”. No one else than her and the rabbit does this. Funny thing is we never asked Ulrika to paint her. Ulrika also added herself with glasses and grey hair begging right to the left of the rabbit.”

Learn more about Snask.

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