What’s On Your Wall?: Samuel Eckert, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Welcome to What’s On Your Wall?, an ongoing series exploring the creative spaces of the artists who inspire us. 

Known for his playful shapes and humorous illustrations, Samuel Eckert doesn’t limit himself to just one medium – he’s created everything from large-scale murals (under the pseudonym Jamy) to zines (under his own publishing company, Limo). We’re big fans of his simple-yet-bold, cheeky illustrations, so we reached out to the illustrator about taking a peek into his studio. Want to see how a Parisian artist decorates his space? Take a look at his carefully-curated studio below:

courtesy of TicTail.

Name: Samuel Eckert
Occupation: Graphic designer and illustrator
Location: Paris, France
Where to find me: Samueleckert.tumblr.com + IG: @samueleckert + FB: /samueleckert.jamy

Artists who inspire me (both old & new):
Illustration: Blex Bolex, Art Spiegelman, Tomi Ungerer, Pierre La Police, Chaval
Graphic Design: Stephen Sagmeister, Paula Scher, Push Pin Studio, Pierre Di Sciullo
Fine Art: Keith Haring, Henri Matisse, David Shrigley, Rafael Rozendaal, Paul Loubet
Graffiti: Cap Crew, Modern Jazz, Pal Crew, Huskmitnavn, Erosie
Photography: Scott Hocking, Hans Eijkelboom, Kenneth Josephson, Eric Tabuchi



  1. This is part of a collection I made with the Parisian brand Mamama.
    2. Limo is the first book I published with my own new in-house publishing company, which has the same name as the book.
    3. Limited-edition poster made by Timothée Gouraud for the magazine Bien Monsieur.
    4. Bootleg Grocery by Germes Gang; printed by the Portuguese publishing company Stolen Books.
    5. This Equals That, a book for people who like symmetry (like me) printed by Aperture and created by Fulfotd & Shopsin.
    6. A printing sheet from my book Limo.
    7. A poster drawn by Shoboshobo.
    8. Versus Art, a magazine about art practices following a single theme per issue.
    9. Drawing about The Art by Paul Loubet printed by Editions FP&CF.
    10. Serigraphie by Keax, a Parisian graffiti artist and graphic designer.
    11. Matissology by David Mendez Alonso printed by Belly Kids and bought at Beach London.
    12. Drawing by the graphic designer and illustrator Jean Philippe Bretin.
    13. The first book from the Russian Criminal Tattoo Archive, published by Fuel Design.
    14. Drawing by Pablo Grand Mourcel, graphic designer and illustrator.
    15. Drawings that I made for a zine.


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