What’s On Your Wall?: Manon de Jong, Illustrator

We hang things on our walls because they mean something to us. And for artists and creatives like Manon de Jong, the art they’ve chosen to display in their gallery walls at home is a personal answer to the age-old question: Where do artists get their inspiration? 

As part of our new What’s On Your Wall? series, we’ll be introducing you to a new artist every week from all over the world. But rather than sending them a list of questions to answer, we sent them a simple request instead: to let us peek at the artwork they currently have hanging in their homes. Whether it’s from their talented friends, creatives that they admire, or work of their own that they’re particularly proud of, we feel that there are few things that come closer to peeking into the mind of an artist than getting a look at the art they’ve surrounded themselves with.

First, meet Manon de Jong, an illustrator from Amsterdam who creates simple, beautiful prints of everyday scenes with ink, paper, and a pair of scissors.







Name: Manon de Jong
Occupation: Illustrator
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Where to find you: www.monann.com, or on Instagram @monann_illustration.
Artist who inspire you: Along with those featured on my wall, I’m currently inspired by Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day, Donna Wilson, Matisse, movies by Jean-Luc Godard, and many more.

What’s on Manon’s wall:


First row, left to right: Card by Darling Clementine | framed print by Helen Dardik | scrapbook card by me.
Second row: Print by me | framed print by Depeapa | fruit pattern by Lotta Kühlhorn.
Third row: Rothko postcard | postcard by Caitlin Shearer | Nijntje/Miffy by Dick Bruna | an old photograph of my grandmother | Vincent van Gogh postcard | Orla Kiely.
Last row: Flower print by my father Gert-jan de Jong | card by me.

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