What’s On Your Wall?: Karolin Schnoor, Designer & Illustrator

Welcome to What’s On Your Wall?, an ongoing series exploring the creative spaces of the artists that inspire us.

Karolin Schnoor is a German freelance illustrator designer based in London – she’s created vivid, storytelling imagery for everyone from The New York Times to Poketo. We love her simple, cheeky illustrations, so we checked in with Karolin to see what she’s got hanging on her walls at home:


Name: Karolin Schnoor
Occupation: Illustrator
Location: London, United Kingdom
Website/social media: KarolinSchnoor.co.uk / Twitter @karolinschnoor
Artists who inspire me (both old & new): Werner Klemke, Petra Börner, Micah Lidberg, & Hanna Konola.

What’s on Karolin’s Wall:


Cat keyring: A small screen-printed keyring made by a Japanese printmaker who runs her shop from Spain.
Cat drawing: The first cat my niece ever drew at the age of 4.
Björk portrait: Photo by Jane Bown.
Fat horse: One of my screen-prints.
Jumping Jack Lady: A model of one of my old doll sets I mocked up for my Etsy shop.
Stripey woman: I’m afraid I have no image credit for this, but it makes me laugh every time I see it.
Old stamp: A postcard print of an old Indian stamp.
Bruce Springsteen & Bob Dylan: Photo by Ken Ragan.
Icelandic women: A postcard of traditional Icelandic dress I brought back from a trip to Reykjavik 1910.
Copenhagen postcard: Illustration by Ib Antoni 1950/1960.




Learn more about Karolin Schnoor.

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