What’s On Your Wall?: Ellen Sherman, Artist

Welcome to What’s On Your Wall?, an ongoing series exploring the creative domestic spaces of the artists that inspire us. (But mostly, it’s our excuse to sneak a peek into the homes and studios of artists from all over the world.)

From her earth-toned palette to her stunning interpretations of the natural elements, it’s clear that artist Ellen Sherman takes her cues from nature. But what caught our eye about Ellen’s paintings wasn’t just the work in its final state – it’s her commitment to documenting the process of her work, which she documents on her Instagram feed. From advice on what to do when a piece just isn’t working to what creating and working with a new color palette looks like, Ellen’s feed is the perfect resource for the artist looking for more than just visual inspiration. If you’re looking for a peek into every part of the artist’s process from ideation to creation, then we recommend giving Ellen’s feed a visit. In the meantime, we invite you to check out Ellen’s beautiful corner wall in her studio, a mix of her own paintings and the work that inspires her:


Name: Ellen Sherman
Occupation: Artist
Location: Miami, FL
Where to find me: EHSherman.com // Instagram: @ellen_the_lemon
Artists who inspire me: Georgia O’Keefe, Cy Twombly, Kate Shaw

What’s On Ellen’s Wall:


Top to bottom, left to right: Ellen Sherman, Kings Tide 2 | Ellen Sherman, Small Waves 1 and 2 | Dan Sherman, Palace in Vienna | Ansel Adams (taped photo) | Knottybloom (macarame hanger) | Georgia O’Keefe | Kinfolk MagazineFlora and Form Studio | Ellen Sherman, Fire Coral (circle canvas) | Ellen Sherman, Deep Blue Sea | Todd Lockwood | Ellen Sherman, A Place in the Sky (circle canvas) | Ann Schebor (geode pillow) | Ellen Sherman, Mountain Haze | Ellen Sherman, Kings Tide 1



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