Three Things to See: Public Art in NYC

NEW YORK CITY – If you live in the city we love, then you’ve got thousands of incredible pieces of public artwork right in your own backyard. And thanks to the New York Parks Department, you won’t have to count on stumbling on them by accident anymore – they’ve catalogued every single piece they’ve commissioned and erected for the city in an interactive map. Here are three of the pieces we can’t wait to check out:

1. Isa Genzken’s Two Orchids (Central Park, southeast Corner Entrance)

These tall, larger-than-life monuments pay tribute to the perfect orchid, what the Public Art Fund calls the “chosen ornament of contemporary culture.”

2. Martin Puryear’s Big Bling (Madison Square Park)

‘Big Bling’ by #MartinPuryear in #madisonsquarepark is a great lunch time view! #madsqart #2016

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Standing at a towering forty feet in the center of Madison Square Park, Puryear’s sculpture is made up of birch wood varnished in 22-karat gold leaf.

3. Meg Webster’s Concave Room for Bees (Socrates Sculpture Park)

This unconventional sculpture features a giant bowl filled with nutrient-rich soil, flowers, and plants – all to attract more bees to the park.

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