Three Things to See: Artful Friday in NYC

Whether you’re celebrating with your pals or dedicating the day to someone special, take yourself on a date before kicking off Valentine’s Day weekend. We picked three of the best openings happening tonight in New York City, featuring a visiting artist from London, a couple who collaborated on a show in Bushwick, and more.


Photo courtesy of Club 157.
Photo courtesy of Club 157.

WHO: Lena Marquise and Caspar Petéus

WHAT: XOXO on love

WHEN: Friday, 2/12, Reception 7:00PM – 9:00PM, Dance party 9:00PM – 11:00PM.

WHERE: Club 157

WHY: Lena Marquise and Caspar Petéus will be presenting together at Club 157’s first show in Bushwick. The couple has carved out names for themselves individually on an international scale. Lena is known for creating innovative performance art pieces and Caspar for mural paintings, photography, and collage, alongside a background in modeling. Following the opening reception, the gallery will host a dance party with a DJ. Club 157 also offers free coworking spaces for creatives by appointment. Register for the art opening here.



Aspect/Ratio #9, 2015 oil and varnish on acrylic sheet in Perspex box frame painting by James White. Courtesy of Sean Kelly Gallery.
Aspect/Ratio #9, 2015 oil and varnish on acrylic sheet in Perspex box frame painting by James White. Courtesy of Sean Kelly Gallery.

WHO: James White


WHEN: Friday, 2/12, 6:00PM – 8:00PM

WHERE: Sean Kelly Gallery

WHY: London-based artist James White will be presenting a series of new paintings at Sean Kelly Gallery, known for its collaborations with powerhouse artists like Marina Abramović and Julião Sarmento.

This show by James features incredibly life-like black and white oil paintings with scenes from everyday life. James’ paintings of mundane and ordinary things like a door handle or wine glasses “imply a narrative arc that, similar to a cutaway shot in film, create a psychologically Hitchcockian sense of suspense and pause for thought on the nature of the actions that could be occurring just outside the frame.”



Photo by Jason Gringler courtesy of Solivagant*.
Photo by Jason Gringler courtesy of Solivagant*.

WHO: Jason Gringler

WHAT: Screens

WHEN: Friday, 2/12, 5:00PM – 7:00PM

WHERE: Solivagant*

WHY: Part of artist Jason’s ongoing investigation about what constitutes screens and how they relate contemporary culture, this show features an installation that is immersive to its audience. Solivagant* writes, “With each movement pedestrians, traffic and the shifting daylight are continuously projected against the gallery facade.” Jason’s Instagram has a fantastic documentation of the process leading up to the show, which you can find here. 

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