Three Things to See: Art Openings in San Francisco

There are some fantastic art exhibitions opening in San Francisco this week, home to two of our shop-in-shop locations at Azalea. Satan Ceramics, an art collective from New York City, will be showing work in the Tenderloin district, and the San Francisco Arts Commission is just a stone’s throw from our Haye’s Valley store. Read on to plan out your gallery-goings in the city by the bay.

Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography

Photograph by Aline Smithson.
Photograph by Aline Smithson.

WHO: Aline Smithson

WHAT: Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography

WHEN: Opening Thursday, 1/21, 6PM – 8PM

WHERE: Rayko Photo Center

WHY: Award-winning photographer Aline Smithson is presenting a show where she will be displaying portrait photographs taken in the span of almost two decades. In addition to being a respected artist, curator and educator, Smithson is also the editor of acclaimed photography blog LENSCRATCH. Rayko Photo Center writes, “Self & Others presents eighteen bodies of work and over 120 photographs that focus on themes such as the poignancy and innocence of childhood, the pathos of aging and relationships, adolescence, beauty, and nostalgia.”

Do More of What You Love

Artwork by Susan O'Malley.
Susan O’Malley, from the series Advice From My Eighty-Year-Old Self, 2014. Courtesy of the SFAC Galleries.

WHO: Susan O’Malley

WHAT: Do More of What You Love

WHEN: Opening Friday, 1/22, 6PM – 9PM

WHERE: San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

WHY: The San Francisco Arts Commission will present Do More of What You Love, a selection of the late Susan O’Malley’s work in a posthumous exhibition. A highly respected artist in the Bay Area, whose large-scale text-based work was primarily engaged in social practice and positive messaging, O’Malley’s positive vision and contribution to the arts community will be honored in this show. RSVP on Facebook.

Additionally, on February 10th, there will be book release of O’Malley’s project, Advice From My 80-Year Old Self, in which the artist posed the question, “What advice would your 80-year-old self give to the you of today?”” to more than one hundred people from every age group and walk of life. RSVP for the book launch.

Satan Ceramics

Brickvace 34 by JJ Peet, courtesy of Ever Gold [Projects].
Brickvace 34 by JJ Peet, courtesy of Ever Gold [Projects].
WHO: NYC-based collective Satan Ceramics: JJ Peet, Mary Frey, Pat McCarthy, Tom Sachs.

WHAT: Satan Ceramics

WHEN: Opening Saturday, 1/23, 7PM – 10PM

WHERE: Ever Gold [Projects]

WHY: Satan Ceramics is comprised of four New York City artists with a variety of different backgrounds. Each week they come together to “talk about business, love, lust, and craft.” The quartet is taking their art to the West Coast to show mixed media artworks at Ever Gold Projects. Check out some of the unique sculptures to be exhibited here.

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