Three Things to See: Art Openings in NYC

One of the many things that makes our new home in the Flower District so exhilarating, besides the sight and scent of fresh flowers on our way to the office, is the rich and storied art community in Chelsea. So for our fellow art lovers, we selected some of the best openings to visit in our new neighborhood. From black and white photography to an interactive art installation by Yoko Ono, see below for our picks for a great gallery-hopping weekend.

Hedonic Reversal at Envoy Enterprises

Photograph by Rodrigo Valenzuela
Photograph by Rodrigo Valenzuela courtesy of Envoy Enterprises


WHO: Rodrigo Valenzuela

WHAT: Hedonic Reversal

WHEN: Opening Thursday 12/10, 6PM – 8PM

WHERE: Envoy Enterprises

WHY: Artist Rodrigo Valenzuela will present a collection of monochromatic photographs that were captured by recreating urban decay an ruins in his studio. The pieces were created through a process of photographing and re-photographing, allowing viewers to experience multiple stages of production and deconstruction. Valenzuela notes that “historic ruins of ancient civilizations have different symbolic meanings than those we encounter in contemporary urban environments.” Detached from social conditions that typically color “beautiful ruins,” the images set to question how our response is changed by the absence of adversity.


Agitprop! at Brooklyn Museum

Photograph by Dread Scott courtesy of Brooklyn Museum.
Photograph by Dread Scott courtesy of Brooklyn Museum.


WHO: Group show curated by: Saisha Grayson, Catherine J. Morris, Stephanie Weissberg, and Jess Wilcox.

WHAT: Agitprop!

WHEN: Opening Friday 12/11, 10AM – 5PM

WHERE: Brooklyn Museum

WHY: The term “agitprop,” a blend of the words “agitation” and “propaganda,” reflects the moments in history when artists have used their work as a call to action to create social and/or political change. Brooklyn Museum has selected twenty contemporary artists who are responding to urgent issues of the day through their work.


THE RIVERBED at Galerie Lelong and Andrea Rosen Gallery

Yoko Ono, image courtesy of Galerie Lelong.


WHO: Yoko Ono


WHEN: Opening Friday 12/11, 6PM – 8PM

WHERE: Galerie Lelong, Andrea Rosen Gallery

WHY: Yoko Ono, a leader in conceptual art that includes audience participation, will present THE RIVERBED at two galleries in Chelsea. Visitors are encouraged via instructions to visit the two room-sized installations shown in two spaces in order to experience THE RIVERBED. The interactive exhibition will ask visitors to participate in various exercises. Art Slant writes, “Ono’s works are not only about audience participation, but how the effect has a significance within the work.”

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