Road Trip: A Second Trip to Iceland

“The views in Iceland are incredible. Like paintings, right in front of me.” – Angela Chan

Our design intern and photographer Angela Chan has a serious case of wanderlust. Case in point: since she didn’t get a chance to catch the elusive Aurora Borealis during her first trip to Iceland last year, she decided to make a pit stop in the snowy country once again on her way back from Copenhagen to give it another shot. Read below to explore Angela’s second adventure to Iceland, as well as her thoughts on the creative inspiration she got from the trip:

1. You were in Iceland pretty recently – what brought you back for a second trip?

I didn’t see the Aurora Borealis at the first time we visited Iceland, so we decided to give ourselves a second chance. Secondly, we wanted to see the “green side” of Iceland in spring/summer –so we decided to go back again during March. We rented a car and road tripped across the west side of Iceland. 

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2. What kind of creative inspiration did you get out of your second trip to Iceland? 

Iceland is where I’ve found the most beautiful side of nature. I never imagined such stunning places on the planet because all I see every day are buildings, computers, social media, and busy people… a very hectic, industrial environment. Iceland is completely different. It’s quiet, slow, and peaceful. And the views in Iceland are incredible. Like paintings, right in front of me.

3. What were some of the highlights of your trip? 

The night when we saw our first Aurora Borealis definitely tops the list. It was such a surprise! We didn’t expect to be able to see it the night we went looking for it. The chances of seeing the Aurora last night were slim, but we insisted going out at 10 PM anyways and we found ourselves driving in the middle of nowhere in the dark. It was a long chase, and we almost gave up. But finally, something green appeared in the sky. A bright, gorgeous, aurora started dancing on the sky! My hands and body were shaking because it was shocking. I will never forget that moment.

Also, we stayed in this amazing Airbnb near Grundarfjörður – possibly the best Airbnb of my life. The hosts even had their own farm next to the house, which we visited in the mornings. They had a ton of sheep, horses and chickens! The host even gave us bread to feed them – it was such a fun and unforgettable experience.

4. Why is traveling, especially to new and unfamiliar places, important to you?

I divide my time between two major cities (both Hong Kong and New York), and I’m in an environment where everyone is busy all the time – busy on social media, busy for school and work. We don’t often have the time to pause and see new things. But new things always inspire me, not only in art, but the whole experience. The weather is different; the smells are different; the sky is different. Travel is like escaping reality to me – it’s like a dream.

Classic Specs Murodock glasses in Black Horn.

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