Guest Playlist: Daghe

“For my fans, I just try to make and give them free content that might make their lives just a little bit more enjoyable.”

In most creative pursuits, artists, storytellers, designers, and the like will tell you the first step to achieving your goals is to do. For some, this requires calculated research and for others, you fall into a creative pursuit out of pure fun. Enter Daghe. A DJ, fashion designer, photographer, and style influencer, Daghe has amassed a dedicated following for his hypnotic music mixes and unabashed individuality.

Currently on a world tour with international rap artist G-Eazy, Daghe’s come up is backed by hard work and a true passion for music. Ever the democratic creator, Daghe offers his listeners all the content they want for free. Below, listen to one of Daghe’s classic “More Vibes” mixes, and read on to find out more about the mind behind the music.

Photographed by Leyla Ismen.

Daghe for Classic Specs.
Daghe for Classic Specs.

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the mix you created?

With all of my mixes I like to mix the familiar with the unfamiliar. Rap music is usually my base but I like to re-introduce familiar vocals with new beats. I’ve realized that people don’t really like what they don’t already like, so my intent is to trick people into realizing that they like other genres.

When did you start DJing and how did you did you get into it?

I started DJ’n two years ago in the winter of 2014. I realized I had a huge folder of music that I was feeling with this artist named Kreayshawn. This chick loved our selection and music taste so much that she asked me to DJ her art show. She wanted me to just play music off of my iTunes, but being the person I am, I went out and bought DJ equipment and taught myself how to DJ before the show. The rest is history.

What projects have you been working on lately? Tell us about what’s in the pipeline for the future.

Lately I’ve been teaching myself music production, that’s pretty much been my main focus. I just feel like that’s the next step after DJ’n so I’ve been devoting all my free time to watching YouTube tutorials and making sub-par 4-bar beat loops. I’m also gearing up to go on my first featured tour, with G-Eazy, and another tour with an artist named Kool John. Pretty excited to be on the road again. I’ve also been working on a clothing collection that I’ll be dropping shortly before tour starts.

Daghe for Classic Specs.
Daghe wears the Classic Specs Prescott Glasses in Matte Black.

Tell us a little bit about your creative process. What goes into creating the best nightlife experience for your friends and fans?

I literally have no creative process at all – I just think of things and then do them. As for the nightlife aspect, I just try to create an atmosphere and vibe that I would enjoy myself. For my fans I just try to make and give them free content that might make their lives just a little bit more enjoyable. Thats why I put out so many mixes, because it makes a few people’s work days and work outs a little smoother.

You visit the East Coast frequently. What are some of your favorite things ABOUT New York City?

  1. $1 slice of pizza – I feel like this is the only discounted item in the whole city.
  2. Style – Everyone is so damn stylish it’s ridiculous!
  3. The subway – The fact that it’s unrelated to income and social class. I’ve walked on the train and seen ladies clutching designer hand bags sitting next to what looked to be homeless people. It was pretty interesting.

What new music or up-and-coming artists are you currently listening to

Of course, I’m listening to my crazy spirit animal’s new album, The Life Of Pablo. Other than that, I just listen to a bunch of remixes I find on SoundCloud. I never know the name of the producers because there are so many. But to be totally honest, becoming a DJ really ruined my personal music listening experience. When I listen to music now, it’s real quick and pretty much  just to see if it’s what people would enjoy if I played it at a show or in a mix. So I pretty much just listen to Nina Simone, Young Thug, and Robb Bank$ all day!

Learn more about Daghe and his creative projects at Daghe + Digital. To hear more mixes, visit Daghe’s Soundcloud.

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