Playlist: The Weekender

This writer remembers friendships solidified by mixtapes. Of course, to call them “mixtapes” is a bit of a misnomer, as these carefully-curated playlists lived in CDs scribbled with Sharpie and eventually on Spotify, rather than their original plastic cassette tapes — but they still felt just as authentic nonetheless. From playlists that introduced us to the Fugees to those that revealed commonalities in our friends’ tastes in music, the connections that have come out of exchanging our favorite artists are some that we will never forget. That’s why we hope to continue this tradition by sharing our favorite artists with you. Every week, we’ll be sharing our favorite tracks with you to help you kick off the weekend — and, hopefully, you’ll connect with us (or discover something new!) on some of our favorites, too.

This week’s playlist features brilliant LA bassist Thundercat, a track from the collaborative album between Toronto jazz-funk trio BBNG x Ghostface Killah (SOUR SOUL, which recently was nominated for the 2015 Polaris Prize), and one of our favorite New Zealanders, Kimbra, who just put out a beautiful stop-motion music video for Goldmine this week. Happy listening!

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