Illustrated Interview: Sara Rubin, Artist & Video Producer

Over our last few interviews in our Classic Stories series, we’ve realized that sometimes things are better drawn than said. That’s why we’re kicking off our first Illustrated Interview, where we’re asking some of our favorite artists to answer our questions in probably our most favorite way yet: with sketches and illustrations. First off, we’re excited to introduce you to Sara Rubin – a brilliant illustrator and Buzzfeed video producer who also happens to know exactly how to express our struggles with glasses.

About this illustrated interviewee: Sara Rubin is a video producer and illustrator based out of Los Angeles, CA. She is best known for writing, acting, and editing content for Buzzfeed Motion Pictures. She is a lover of themed restaurants, films nobody else likes, and she one day hopes to own a baby goat, LEGALLY. 

1. Draw a self-portrait. What do you look like?

selfportraitI like to say I resemble a slightly more semitic Winona Ryder. I’d describe my style as “child who got lost in a department store”.

2. How would you describe what you do?


My main job is writing, editing, and producing content for BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s various channels. I also star in a series for the company, You Do You, which is now available on Itunes, Google Play, and Amazon. I also draw, make puppets, and struggle to learn guitar.

3. What does your current workspace look like?

workspaceMy workspace at work consists of a monitor, macbook pro, and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. I also always have some toys and chocolate covered almonds on hand, for the purpose of bringing me joy. At home, I have even more toys.

4. What do you do when you have creative block?

creativeblockWhen I have creative block, the most helpful thing for me to do is something creatively different. So If I’m writing, I’ll take a break and draw. So, I’m still keeping my mind working but I’m not focused on the source of my stress or block.

5. What’s is currently inspiring you?


I’m really inspired right now by cozy things, like Halloween, Over The Garden Wall, and Autumn in general. Living in Los Angeles makes me yearn for the things I had living in Connecticut as a kid that we don’t have out here. Like seasons, for example.

Learn more about Sara on Buzzfeed, Twitter, & Instagram.

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