Behind the Scenes: #ClassicCreatives with Jon Burgerman

Earlier this summer, someone on the Classic Specs team picked up a few stray boxes and wandered out loud, “What if we made a canvas out of these?” A few weeks later, we were in a Brooklyn art studio doing just that: watching artist Jon Burgerman create an original masterpiece over eight of our Classic Specs boxes. Watching someone create something from the very beginning is one of the things we love the most about working with artists like Jon, so we captured his entire process to share with you. If you haven’t joined in on the #classiccreatives celebration, here’s the video to get you started:


To celebrate our colorful new collection and this new collaboration, we’re giving away each piece of the Jon Burgerman masterpiece to a different winner on Instagram. Here’s all you have to do to enter:

  1. Post a photo to Instagram showing us something you’re working on. It might be a doodle, a sketch, a poem, or a painting – anything goes, so be creative.
  2. Use the hashtag #classiccreatives in the caption of your post.
  3. You’re in!

If you’re based in NYC, we’re exhibiting the entire piece in our Brooklyn store – just visit us this weekend at 85 N 3rd St in Brooklyn Denim Co. to check out the full piece. In the meantime, check out what went on behind the scenes:






Our art director flips through the pages of Burgerworld, one of Jon's coloring books.
Our art director flips through the pages of Burgerworld, one of Jon’s coloring books.
Sculpture series by Jon Burgerman.
Sculpture series by Jon Burgerman.


Learn more about our #ClassicCreatives collaboration with Jon Burgerman.

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