Inspired By: National Hamburger Day

We don’t know about you, but we think there’s no better way to express how much you love hamburgers than to build and paint a gigantic four-by-seven-foot artistic rendering of this classic American staple. But maybe that’s just us. In honor of National Hamburger Day today, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tributes from the artistic community to America’s favorite food:

Floor Burger, Claes Oldenburg (1962) claesoldenburg_floorburger

Stuffed with foam rubber and cardboard boxes, this massive creation by NYC-based pop art pioneer Claes Oldenburg sits at seven feet wide and four feet tall. Like many contemporary works of its time, Floor Burger caused major controversy when it first appeared at The Art Gallery of Ontario. Student protesters from a local university paraded an eight-foot tall ketchup bottle in front of the gallery to protest the purchase of Oldenburg’s work. (And then tried to donate it to the museum.)

Andy Warhol eating a Burger from “66 scenes from america,” Jørgen Leth (1982)

66 Scenes From America, known almost exclusively for this clip of Andy Warhol consuming a Big Mac, is a collage of shots stitched together from Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth’s journey across the United States. It’s like John Cage’s 4’33” – just in the form of Andy Warhol silently judging you while he eats a burger.

Burger, Doma (2014)


Known for their absurd, surreal installations, artist collective DOMA serves up their rendition of the American classic – and a transparent one at that.

“hamburger,” masao saito (1988)


Artist Masao Saito creates his super-realistic paintings from acrylic watercolor and airbrushing techniques to create mouthwatering pictures of food, flowers, and more. Plus, we can’t help but appreciate the classic ’80s fade on the backdrop. (Also, is that pineapple on the burger? The ’80s were a weird time.)

“Just a ‘Lil Hamburger,” Joey Pasko (2016)


We’re a fan of Brooklyn-based illustrator Joey Pasko’s simple, minimalist illustrations – especially the way he’s broken down the burger into just a few geometric shapes.


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