Holiday Gift Guide: Emily Reinhardt of The Object Enthusiast

Welcome to the annual Classic Specs Holiday Gift Guide, where we tap some of our favorite artists and creatives to share what’s on their wishlist this year. Our first guide comes from ceramicist Emily Reinhardt, the artist and writer behind ceramics studio The Object Enthusiast. From textiles to painting to ceramics, her list features beautifully-crafted items in nearly every artistic medium.

Plus, to help kick things off, Emily is giving away one beautifully handcrafted mug from her collection! Click the link below to for a chance to win your very own Turquoise + Gold Mug from The Object Enthusiast.


Can you just imagine drinking your morning coffee out of this work of art? We sure can. 

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Meet Emily Reinhardt of The Object Enthusiast:


Emily Reinhardt is the ceramic artist behind The Object Enthusiast – designed and produced by hand in Kansas City, Missouri.

My gift guide includes several artists and creative business owners that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with, and then some designers and businesses I admire and would love to meet someday.

1. Minna | Formas II PillowAgnes Rug


I have a true weak spot for throw pillows from Minna, probably my favorite home textile brand! Minna is committed to designing goods that are produced ethically and responsibly, and employs master weavers from Mexico and Guatemala. This rug and this throw pillow are my two favorites! Getting to work with Sara, the artist behind the brand, is a complete joy too! Another designer who I admire greatly!

2. Helen Levi | Marbled Terracotta Tree Planter


This thing is beautiful!! As a potter who is intimidated by going this large, I have mad respect for this planter. And the lady who makes them – she’s my friend based in Brooklyn and someone I look up to! I love what she creates and the love she has for clay.

3. Yield Design Co. | Amber Glass French Press


Can you imagine making coffee in this beautiful press each morning? I know I would love to! The amber glass makes it so unique and would make for a beautiful coffee-making process. Available in black and clear glass too, so I had a really hard time picking just one! I admire the entire team at Yield, and have been selling some of their products in my own shop for the last year. I love them!

4. Kristin Texeira | Artwork

“A Forgotten Umbrella,” Kristen Texeira | via Uprising.

I just discovered Kristen’s work this year via Instagram (still love that platform for discovering new artwork!) and was instantly obsessed. I’m not quite sure how to go about purchasing her work, but want to get in touch with her soon to see how I can get my hands on something. I can see her work framed on my wall right now!

5. Baggu | Large Flat Leather Pouch


This is my favorite thing to carry. I have this in the brown color, but have been eyeing the mint green for a while now. It’s the perfect clutch, the perfect small bag for organizing larger purses, and the perfect catch-all for anything you need to travel with. I highly suggest! It’s also beyond cute. And these reusable grocery bags are all catching my eye…this donut one, and this banana one.

6. Erin Austen Abbott | How to Make It

via @ameliapresents
via @ameliapresents

I have admired Erin’s creative business lifestyle since the first time I connected with her online. We’ve developed a friendship over the years and she was so kind to include me in her first book, coming out in the spring of 2017! How to Make It is all about how to make a living making things and is on preorder right now. Erin’s shop is called Amelia Presents in Oxford, MS.

7. Debbie CarlosPretty Much Everything


I was going to get more specific but can’t pick just one of Debbie’s creations to share. From her prints and posters to her colorful and quirky ceramics – I have always admired Debbie’s eye. She’s one of the first artists I connected with when I joined Instagram in 2010, and we actually had the chance to meet! She came to one of my ceramics workshops and it is a real thrill to see her running with her own ceramic designs. I love it! Here’s my favorite piece from her ceramics collection, and the flowers poster will always be a favorite of mine.

8. Classic Specs | Beaumont Sunglasses in Crystal


I’ve been trying to nail down more of a uniform for myself these days. I’m trying to buy fewer things and more quality items of clothing – so that I can own less of it. And these glasses fit exactly in with what I think I want my uniform to look like. Lots of all black and white – I’m a neutrals gal!

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