Gift Guide: For the Dapper Man, by Sunflowerman

To help you celebrate the creative-minded people on your holiday list, we asked some of our favorite artists and curators to put together a gift guide of their favorite things they know, use, and love. For the well-dressed gentlemen in your life, we asked the talented menswear illustrator/watercolor artist Sunflowerman to curate this gift guide. Read on to learn more about his picks for this holiday season.

words by Sunflowerman.

sunflowerman_portraitSunflowerman presents the Aesthetic Gift Guide for the Dapper Man. All of the items listed below (except for the watch) I personally own and use on a constant basis.

This season, be cognizant of the gifts you give. Think about qualilty. Think about the things that last. As you look through this list you will find great products, but don’t be swayed or tempted by their allure. Consider what value they have to you and the person receiving it.

Let me press this point home. Your time and presence are of the greatest value. Greater than any gift below would be to hand write a note. Grab some college ruled paper. Tell your loved ones what you love about them. Do that familiar tri-fold, place it in an envelope and drop it off at the post office. It’s the surprise in the mail and the thought of a kind word that is the most valuable.

Let’s get on to those beautiful goods.

1. Grado Labs: SR60e headphones

Grado had been around for more than 60 years, making the best headphones in the world. Nestled in Brooklyn, the Grado Laboratory remains family owned. Three generations of Grado’s have been involved in the production of Grado headphones and the company continually wins awards as it adapts to the contemporary electronics world.

2. Onassis: Unlined Fused Shirt Jacket

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.51.30 PM
Onassis may be young but they’re knack for silhouette and fit is superb. The Shirt Jacket is a great casual outer layer that fits exceptionally well and looks magnificent.

3. Ace Rivington: Grey Heather Crew Neck Tee


Comfort, it’s the reason I wear this shirt. Ace Rivington is making the most amazing tee, for the best wearing experience. It’s described as ‘Super Soft’ on the website and they couldn’t be closer to the truth.

4. Direct Trade Coffee Club: 1 Year Subscription, Roaster’s Choice Coffee 


The best coffee I have ever had in my home. The guys of DT Coffee Club source their beans directly from places like Guatemala. When I say source I mean they go and visit the plantations in person, every year. Seriously, drink this coffee and you will have a joyous holiday season.

5. Acorn Pottery: Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mug


For the coffee lover, the tea lover, the hot chocolate connoisseur a grand mug is a necessity. I’d say go with a hand crafted mug from Acorn Pottery. Easily worth twice the price. When you’re sipping your next home brewed coffee, enjoy it all the more with and hand crafted mug.

6. SevenFriday: P2-2 Wrist Watch


SevenFriday is on the forefront of contemporary, cool watches. They don’t have the storied history of Rolex or Patek, but this gives SevenFriday the freedom to design in exciting new ways, without being bogged down by tradition. Whether it’s the P, M or the new V series you will be excited by the beauty of your new watch.

7. Winsor and Newton: Professional Water Colour Compact Set


Even if you are not a painter. Even if you don’t see yourself as an artist I suggest investing in this compact watercolor paint set. Give yourself some down time each week, experiment. Paint like Pollock with splatters in your journal, or try your hand at plein air painting like Monet. It’s about practicing the marriage of creativity and productivity.

8. Jean.Machine: J.M-1 Slim Denim Jean

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 5.07.25 PM

Heavy, perfectly constructed jeans, ready for fall, winter and spring that will make you happy you invested in treating your legs. I’ve been wearing them (sans summer time) without end.

9. Tawny Goods: Black Wingtip Boot


Boots that hug your feet and look damn good at the same time. Tawny Goods is doing a great job designing sleek boots fresh out of their successful kickstarter campaign to fund production. I can’t seem to take mine off. In bed, in the shower, in the studio and out in the world. They have simpler designs but the wingtip in all black gives character to the boot while staying humble at the same time.

10. Creative Craftsman: Leather Journal Cover


Stick your journal inside the leather cover and always keep your aesthetic consistent. Personally, I’ve been fitting my Moleskine journal in the leather case.



With just a hint of blue color and nearly translucent, the Aqua Crystal Waverly glasses from Classic Specs are bold without being obtuse. After test driving them for a couple of days I wore the Waverlys for a photoshoot on Lake Michigan. I couldn’t have loved them more.

Sunflowerman is one of the premiere men’s fashion illustrators. Creating works for Michael Kors, Longines, GQ, Perry Ellis and more. Sunflowerman lives a nomadic life, never staying more than a few months here or there, with one suitcase for the wardrobe and one suitcase for the studio.


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