Gift Guide: For the Artist, by The Jealous Curator

To help you celebrate the creative-minded people on your holiday list, we asked some of our favorite artists and curators to put together a gift guide of their favorite things they know, use, and love. For the artists and art-lovers in your life, we called upon The Jealous Curator, a blog showcasing new and contemporary artwork from all over the world, to put together her personal wishlist for this holiday season. Read on to learn more about her picks below.

words by Danielle of The Jealous Curator.

thejealouscurator_circleportraitMy family tells me that I’m hard to shop for, but I’m not sure why… I covet so many beautiful things that I find on my daily trips down the rabbit hole that is the internet! If they want a list, oh, I can give them a list! Art is always an easy go-to for me, obviously, but I also love beautiful things for my shelves and to wear. Here are a few of the treasures I’m hoping to find under the tree this year.

1. “Styled” by Emily Henderson


This brand new book by LA based stylist Emily Henderson is not only gorgeous, it’s also full of really easy, helpful tips on styling your own house… and Emily hangs a mean gallery wall, which I appreciate!

2. “Creative Block” by The Jealous Curator 

Ok, I might already own this. I’m so proud of this book! The fifty artists that I interviewed gave such honest, helpful, inspiring answers to questions about creative blocks, self-doubt, dealing with criticism, and more. Each of them also gave an “unblocking” exercise to help pour a little gasoline on your creative fires, so if you want to add a little creativity to 2016, this might help!

3. “The After Party” (Print by Kelly Puissegur) 


Oh. I have been dying to get some work from LA based painter Kelly Puissegur. Her originals sell so fast, so a print might be my only option. I love this piece, titled “The After Party”… a bear hanging from a chandelier? Yes please.

4. “Fiat” (Print by Nathalie Cusson) 

Classic. Nathalie Cusson is an artist/illustrator from Montreal. She has a whole series of car pieces, but this little blue Fiat is my favorite.

5. “Chocolate Electric” (Print by Martha Rich)

It doesn’t get much better than chocolate cake and art becoming one. Philadelphia based artist Martha Rich is one of my favorite painters. I love everything she does, but there’s something about having a framed cake on my wall that makes me very happy. And hungry.



I just discovered the ceramics work of Kinska, and the moment I did these espresso cups were added to the top of my wish list! I want to sit by the fire this winter drinking coffee out of a piece of art. Love.

7. Concrete Cube Earrings


Delicate concrete. I think that’s what I love so much about these little cube earrings… simple, sweet, and concrete. Lovely combination. They are the work of jewelry designer “maple + mauve.”

8. Bar Statement Ring


This. I want this (did you hear that, family?). This bar statement ring is the work of Marja Germans Gard, and in case I wasn’t clear, I want it.

9. Classic Specs Sedgwick Glasses in Matte Black

sedgwick copy

Ah, these are my faves. The old school look I love AND they’re matte black – yes! I really like the shape too – my eyes naturally go down on the sides, so these give me a much needed lift! Also, I may be addicted to black. But I’m an artist and designer, so what do you expect, really?


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