Oddfellows Ice Cream Company

For Mohan and Sam, founders of Oddfellows Ice Cream, it all started with Mohan’s pregnant wife and an unusual request: pretzel ice cream.

Sam (a long-time pastry chef) thought it would be fun to try, so he made a pint and as Mohan said, “she finished the entire thing, almost instantly.” That’s when the two friends figured they were on to something and after 1 ½ years of planning and testing created Oddfellows Ice Cream Parlor in Williamsburg – home of the most unusual and amazing ice cream you’ll ever taste.


Walking into Oddfellows Ice Cream Parlor you know you’re entering an ice cream parlor unlike any other. The bright, carnival colors and style with art that seem a bit…odd. Exhibit one: Ice Cream Jesus. Exhibit two: Creepy Circus Monkey. If anything, the interior of the shop is a reflection of the ice cream they’re dreaming up. “We want to make flavors that are creative, challenging, yet approachable,” said Mohan on a recent visit. With popular flavors ranging from “Tobacco, Smoked Chili & Huckleberry” to “Prosciutto Mellon,” you quickly see how the parlor theme and their ice cream play together so well.



It’s our goal to have customers
never experience the same thing twice . . . we are always innovating,
always challenging ourselves with
new flavors.


Mohan Kumar
Founder of Odd Fellows Ice Cream co.


“We wanted to be the exact opposite of other ice cream shops.” He continued, “It’s our goal to have customers never experience the same thing twice…we are always innovating, always challenging ourselves with new flavors.” And innovate they have. In just the past 12 months they’ve created 123 flavors, some with just enough made for one day and never to return. Of course with that many flavors in one year it’s easy to lose yourself in the process and forget how to make good ice cream as you try to make different ice cream. But Oddfellows has always remembered the core of what makes ice cream great. “Of course texture and taste is really important in ice cream” said Mohan, “We source from the highest quality small dairies, and so that we always have the best tasting cream and the smoothest texture. We want our ice cream to have the highest level of integrity for each person that tries it.” Innovation in taste and integrity of ingredients seems to be working well for them, with two locations and more in the works, the Oddfellows crew has no shortage of ice cream they need to churn out.


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