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New York City — and now Brooklyn — has a long tradition of being home to a creative class willing to sacrifice everything for the stage. Before the screen, New York was the home of the stage and experimentation. But now the new distributed advent of content, thanks to the democratization of screens and streams, means that you don’t have to be in New York anymore. However, the pull is still strong here for those yearning to make a space for human connection and meaning through entertainment. It draws people together to create so that we, the audience, can be drawn in and connect through their performances. Kati and Ash are working to make that connection to others with their web series shot in Brooklyn entitled The Impossibilities.

Kati and Ash, Actors and Writers - Kitchen - Classic Stories

We met Kati and Ash, a husband and wife team, at their home deep in the creative heart of Brooklyn. She’s a yoga instructor (StralaNYC) and actor (Men in Black 3), and he’s a child-prodigy magician (toured the US, Europe, and Japan) turned actor. Their upcoming web series, while a comedy about a jaded magician and lesbian yoga teacher, is still rooted deeply in that need for connection we all have – it still hustles to connect.


“People are looking for connection in their lives to give purpose and meaning,” said Kati. “Acting is great for that because [even though] you don’t know the people acting you still connect to them and their experiences. Making space for it grounds your life and the life of those around you.”


Why does acting have to be their outlet of connection? Why can’t yoga or magic do as good a job? To this, Ash responded, “It’s definitely clear in yoga that there’s a deeper purpose than just exercise. There’s a sense of the higher self, but in acting you perform plays that speak with movement and language and allow everyone to empathize with the people in the story.” Regardless of the format, the medium, or the genre, the connections an actor makes to the audience is genuine as an art form of action and memory. Actors and plays take on our experiences, memories, and cultural norms and twist them around again to look back at us. They force us to examine the ideas and thoughts that sit behind our eyes normally locked by guarded expressions and shielded daily interactions. Can all acting do this? Probably not, but you get the sense from Ash and Kati that the struggle to pursue this is what brings vibrancy to their lives.

Check out Kati and Ash on The Impossibilitieswhich just premiered this week on Vimeo.

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