Tom Mylan | Butcher

In the last few years, the local and artisan food movement has exploded much thanks to the efforts of people like Tom Mylan, co-founder of Brooklyn’s Meat Hook Butcher Shop and author of The Meat Hook Meat Book.  But Tom didn’t start scouring local and grass-fed meats because of “food guilt.”  In reality, he just wanted to “do [meat] right while being delicious,” and educate everyone about food through their stomachs.


Brooklyn was the perfect place for Tom’s start in 2006. “Something was going on out there.  People were more forward thinking, open-minded, and had the will to get weird.” Disenfranchised by the corporate food system and unwilling to endorse the short and painful lives of factory-farmed animals, Tom became a butcher at a small, local food co-op where he discovered that he had a knack for sourcing great meat.

“I started cherry-picking the best stuff and the word spread from customer to customer.”



Word spread quickly and soon after, the Meat Hook was born.  sourcing and selling with a focus on quality and educating customers about what it means to get good meat vs. bad meat. “We wanted customer’s positive experiences with meat to help spread the idea of grass-fed and quality. We wanted to help empower everyone’s food spending decisions instead of being strangled by them.”

With countless TV and radio interviews, a sandwich shop, book, and maybe a coming restaurant we could tell that Tom’s work is paying off and consumers are starting to learn the value of putting their money towards the good stuff for their mouths and their community.



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