Rog Walker | Photographer

Photographer, writer, and blogger are a few words that one might use to first describe Rog Walker. However, this would miss much of the depth of this man. Perhaps it should be philosopher, wanderer, and storyteller? But let’s start with a New Yorker who discovered the truth of a creative life, and go from there.

Rog was once a neophyte, inspired by the stories and the tellers he had met in New York. But unlike many, he set out to find a unique voice and perspective of his own.


“The other creatives I met helped give me the courage to discover my own identity”.

When he first began exploring his home of North Bronx, he asked questions like, “why?” and, “What’s its purpose, what is it for?”

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While he had initially hoped that stumbling upon these stories would project him to be like the creatives he admired, he eventually came to understand that his distinct voice came from understanding the truth about creativity: “There are no special creative people,” he told us. “Just those who are passionate about doing something creative and doing it well.”

This realization freed him from fitting a “creative image” and opened him up to a variety of projects that have since propelled him into a space of his own – a space that now inspires the next generation of creatives discovering their unique voices.

The path of creative pursuit can often look like a treacherous mountain pass, but Rog’s story reminds us that walking this path is where we discover that perhaps, we already knew the way.


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