Anne Vieux | artist

Painters, sculptors, writers, and all creatives have heard of the “wall” that stalls their work and (at least for a time) arrests future development.  But is it real?  Is inspiration a straight line that can be broken?  Our conversation with artist Anne Vieux led us to believe the counter.

Anne Vieux Portrait

Throughout the last few years, Vieux told us she had developed a body of abstract work with the subject of light and perception, fluctuating between flat and dimensional.  Playing with illusion, the notion of blurring/distortion of information and gesture; it has crossed genres, with a tech-y/nostalgic vibe.

Her studio was a witness to her style, filled with semi-psychedelic works, sculptures and framed pieces that merged analog materials, non-traditional lighting, projections, and digital imagery. The mixture and merging created a layering that broke our expectations of installation pieces and how creativity develops.

Hologram art

“Inspiration comes from my everyday experience, from packaging to screens, and my daydreams.”

Anne Vieux Work


“The work develops over time, and plays with the transience in spatial planes.”



Many of her pieces made this apparent as she presented and explained the layers of evolution and meaning in a staggering number of works.  It was an enlightening experience that taught us that stunning and original creativity is layered equally with the inspirations of past work, shaped by artistic triumph, failure, experience, and beauty.

Anne Vieux

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