Amy & Patrick | Spring Street Social Society

“We really see it as our art: a way to express our most creative internal passions for ourselves.”


If there’s anything we’ve learned from Amy and Patrick, it’s that some of the greatest ideas have small and humble beginnings. In the case of Spring Street Social Society, it all started in Patrick‘s beautiful backyard in Nolita in the spring of 2012, when he realized that his new space would be the perfect place to put on a show. “The deck could be a stage, the garden could seat an audience,” remembers Patrick. “But how would I do that?”

Patrick Janelle, Spring Street Social Society. Patrick wears Classic Specs mens Waverly glasses in Smoulder.Patrick dons the Classic Specs Waverly glasses in Smoulder.

It was soon after this idea was budding in Patrick’s head that he met Amy Virginia Buchanan, a performance artist and musician from Oklahoma, at a mutual friend’s birthday party. “The thing that was on my mind at the time was wanting to put on a show in my backyard, so that’s just what I was talking about — not realizing that I was potentially, well, auditioning a business partner,” Patrick laughs. 

Although they’d only just met, Patrick and Amy spent that entire evening immersed in planning out the details of their future show. Two weeks later, they put on that first show in Patrick’s backyard — the beginning of what would become Spring Street Social Society. 


Now three years in the running, Spring Street Social Society  dedicates itself to bringing people together through secret events and gatherings, providing an expertly and beautifully-curated experience of dining, cocktails, and entertainment. As the society’s events are constantly changing and evolving, it’s difficult to fully capture a solid definition of the society in just a few words. “I love that it’s undefined,” says Patrick, “and that everyone has their own way of describing it.” This fall, the co-founders will even be producing a full theatrical stage production for the first time, kicking their mutual passions for the performing arts into full gear.

From immersive dinner murder mysteries to secret suppers, the events that Amy and Patrick curate are always a surprise for their attendees — now a membership base of two hundred. “We like to keep things secret,” says Patrick. “We don’t ever tell in advance what the calendar is going to look like. Nobody knows until that day.” 


“Because we just never stop having ideas, it’s constantly changing shape into the next thing we really want to do.”


If creative soulmates exist, we certainly found this in Amy and Patrick. The co-founders, who both come from backgrounds in performance, are nearly perfect complements for one another. Amy is a talented singer-songwriter and performance artist who brings her strong connection to New York City’s vibrant performing arts scene to curate Spring Street Social Society’s ever-changing entertainment as its artistic director. Patrick is a former graphic designer at Bon Appétit and talented lifestyle blogger/iPhone photographer at @aguynamedpatrick. (He was the winner of the CDFA’s first Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award, now sporting close to 400k Instagram followers.)

“I think so many times that people seek out a collaborator that is passionate about the things that they’re passionate about, but also good at the things they’re good at,” says Amy.

“What you really want to find is someone that’s so much better than you at different things. Because that person will want to make you want to be so much better.”

594A8114Amy wears Classic Specs Rosalind glasses in Aqua Crystal.

As professionals and creators, the two have found (or perhaps more accurately, created) a way to combine both of their artistic strengths to create something truly beautiful — and not just for themselves, but for a community of artists, performers, creators, and members that they’ve brought together through Spring Street Social Society. 

With the rapid evolution of the creative society as an organization and a community over the last three years, there’s no telling where Amy and Patrick might head next. After all, it’s completely up to the next wild idea that the creative duo dream up.

“I’m hoping each Spring Street Social Society event will be another chapter of a story that I want to go on for a very long time,” says Amy. “The book has to keep getting better as you read it.”