Brooklyn Denim Company

Walk into the BDC on N. 3rd Street in Williamsburg and you’re greeted twice: once by the welcoming staff and once by an amazing, undulating (almost artistic) wall of denim stacked with Baldwin, WGC, Levis, and more. Could you wear nothing but denim for the rest of your life? It’s possible with the people and stock at the BDC. That said…“Finding the right fit in denim is easy. Even though there is a large selection, which may seem overwhelming at first, the staff makes it super easy for you to find a pair,” said Kenny.


It’s easy to envision a potential client walking among the stacks of denim getting lost for days in the options, styles, and sizes. So instead of throwing the customers to the wolves, the BDC decided to take an old school approach to caring for their customers – high touch and classic service.

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We really pride ourselves on our
customer care. We didn’t want customers to struggle
with what to get, so we work with them to
find the perfect item. We turn denim shopping into an easy and enjoyable experience.


From one-on-ones with each customer to the inviting and comfortable store, the BDC removes all concerns. They’re even ready to hem, stich, or rivet your jeans to the exact way you want them in the back of the shop (free of charge). As jeans went from utility to fashion much of that craftsmanship and authenticity was lost– not at the BDC. They weren’t the first denim shop, but they are the first to bring the “A Game” to the denim business.


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