Happy Mother’s Day: 10 Artists Who Painted Their Moms

Artists – they loved their mothers, just like us. (Except when we drew pictures of our moms, they didn’t wind up in the Louvre.) In celebration of Mother’s Day today, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite portraits of moms by the famous sons and daughters who loved them.

1. Edward Hopper

Elizabeth Griffiths Smith Hopper, The Artist's Mother (1915-1916)
Elizabeth Griffiths Smith Hopper, The Artist’s Mother (1915-1916)

2. Norman Rockwell

A Mother Tucking Children Into Bed (1921)
A Mother Tucking Children Into Bed (1921)

3. Salvador Dali

Portrait of the Artist's Mother, Felipa Dome Domenech (1921)
Portrait of the Artist’s Mother, Felipa Dome Domenech (1921)

4. Andy Warhol

Julia Warhola, Screenprint (1974)
Julia Warhola, Screenprint (1974)

5. Grant Wood

Woman With Plants (1929)
Woman With Plants (1929)

6. Pablo Picasso

Portrait of the Artist's Mother (1896)
Portrait of the Artist’s Mother (1896)

7. Vincent Van Gogh

Portrait of Artist's Mother (1888)
Portrait of Artist’s Mother (1888)

8. Mary Cassatt

Reading Le Figaro (1878)
Reading Le Figaro (1878)

9. James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Whistler's Mother (1871)
Whistler’s Mother (1871)

10. Rembrandt

Portrait of Rembrandt's Mother (1629)
Portrait of Rembrandt’s Mother (1629)

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