#ClassicCreatives: Meet the Winners

A few weeks ago, we asked our community on Instagram to show us what creative projects they were currently working on – and the responses were a sight to behold. After oohing and aahing over all of #classiccreatives Instagram posts, we selected eight winners to receive a piece of the Jon Burgerman canvas, along with a small gift to help them with their next art projects.


Say hello the winners of the #classiccreatives contest below:

Marcus Dumire (@marcusdumire)


Marcus on his work: “During my creative process, I try not to put too much pressure on myself as far as what I should make and I just let whatever happens happen. I hardly ever know what’s going to come out before I put pen on paper, and I just try to keep it as playful as I can so I don’t stress myself and make myself hate what I’m doing by thinking too much, I just like to have fun.”

Kayla Ayers (@heykay.lane)


Kayla on her work: “My creative style is playful & soulful. I like to bring life to the simplest of things, with the hope that others find the beauty in it as well.”

Danielle Estefan (@kneetoface)


Marcy Mignone (@stonegate_farms)


Jessee M (@jessee_artschooldropout)


Jessee on her work: “My work is a mix of traditional techniques mixed with newer technology. For the piece shown I used a hand sewing technique called English Paper Piecing that has been used for over a hundred years, but the fabric was designed in Illustrator and digital printing through a custom fabric service. This theme can be seen throughout everything I design and produce and it makes me so happy to know I’m passing on a tried and true way of quilting, but also embracing everything new!”

Paty Perman (@patyperman)


Paty on her work: “This piece is going to be my first collage; you only see the first layer of background in this photo. I enjoy vibrant and neon colors (acrylic painting and acrylic markers) in contrast with white space. Mostly abstract, but here and there some graffiti-inspired portraits. The process of creating is the best – so in the moment.”

Marcos Cantos (@mgcantos_)


Marcos on his work: “Curious Details. Most of my photography is a reminder to myself to stop and appreciate the details of our daily lives. It’s all important.”

Yue (@purrrever


Yue on her work: “My work presents a vibrant yet obscure scenario to mark some intimacy with different objects.”

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